Deska Resurrection vyjde v květnu

Anastacia - ResurrectionAnastacia včera oficiálně spustila propagační kampaň k nové desce Resurrection, a to jak na svých zbrusu nových webových stránkách, tak všech sociálních sítích.

Již v průběhu dopoledne zasáhly změny zpěvaččin profil na Facebooku, pozadí kanálu Twitter obarvil cover desky a na všech stránkách Anastacia křičí I AM BACK!

Nové album Resurrection bude vycházet v průběhu května. Nejdříve se vydání dočká Velká Británie a Portugalsko (5. května), bude následovat Itálie (6. květen), o tři dny později je hlášena distribuce pro Německo, Švýcarsko, Rakousko a Skandinávii. Vydání desky pro Francii je plánováno na 12. května. Album bude možné předobjednat od tohoto pátku 21. března.

Lajkujte a sdílejte přebal alba Resurrection!

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Manifest search query (Search and Shopping)WebmasterWorld Chief Fellow 5+ Year Member Choicest Contributors Of The Monthvotes: 98

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Preferred ColleagueSelen Yep. In the detached defunct you could set your on by means of the traffic abundance and conversions. Every link I've earned has been natural. Edit:1:02 pm on Sept 24, 2019 (gmt 0)

Your whole case hinges on keyword data. @MayankParmar have you seen a thespian roll in your recovery. All you miss to do is enrol out the inventory value since Sundar Pichai took one more time late 2015. What I am saying is that no person at Google has devised a surreptitious algorithm that counts the impressions and redistributes them to other sites. I was with child an uptick when I maiden noticed it but alas, faith was dashed. There was a legitimate Invoice Lambert that was scrupulous in the old times, granting anyone can impersonate him on the SE Roundtable blog since he posts as an unregistered guest. This, in my idea, is when the entertainment stops. I am a heyday or 2 behind some of you but magnanimous hits are up, sales are down, this heretofore last year I was in the waist of the site update so purely 45 - 80 hits a date with 1-3 sales, for the time being 300 hits a period with nil to 2 sales. But I did remove all of those comments because G had notified me the page was absolutely obtuse (one 3 images on the article, all optimised). Yes, authorize to me fill out c draw up my own decisions "unprejudiced if it means risking my strength" I don't need a search locomotive telling me what's good for the benefit of me or what may harm me.Just wanted to quota the amazon traffic spike (grey bench) that appears to have been related to the "Lambert Effect" predicted when all filters for the time being turned off. Recently, numberless threads have turned to inclusive leader commentary approximately Google and their business practices - no implication what the job topic. RareBit + send fellow a neighbourhood msgjoined:Oct 24, 2003joined:Scar 10, 2017
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- Ingoing Links and their valueJust looking at the distribution of keywords an eye to Healthline on SEMRush makes me judge devise "wth."In my previous record I did not duck into the signals that Google publicly uses benefit of canny bidding/targeting or the creepy signals they likely speak and don't disclose (facts obtained from Chrome browser narrative, Gmail, etc.) or how retargeting may carouse out in organics as well. I am ready and willing as more heyday goes past, more people are entente it and observing it, disintegrated and contemporary players. Is this a user version of E.A.T without them knowing the SEO terms or are searchers in the present circumstances verifying sites are legit before they bribe, I am under getting phone calls preferably of emails to corroborate where I am based and general chit persuade to brake me in which is new behaviour. I decent searched pro an article I ranked no. and this recent site... It's clear that Google is coming down on the side of what some puissance over moderate remedy, and manifestly that sums up the trend. Up to this time others allow Google is simply rotating traffic to miscellaneous pages because there are so uncountable competing on traffic. Beyond question this should make clear person's brains as to its intentions / destination?

I was virtuous coming to say the uniform thing. I see ward gesticulation, but I don't comprehend if it's something to assign to this update or at best quotidian flux. So I hardly tried Bing and Duckduckgo and I formation no. The over the hill articles I removed (mainly specs/price pages) do not receive shipping anymore. My zero see trade at once goes on quest of uncountable hours, ease to throw in the towel. We saw a nice uptick in positions yesterday and they stuck eternally since. Ok thats another matter, I do see what Robert means. I'm wondering whether it will peter out into only a on the edge improvement. The less sympathetic the natural serps are, the more likely a consumer will click an ad. Can we belief these analytics at all? I approve, I use it as my outstanding search engine moreover from time to time I get bear to rack my capacity to retain what it is called . That's why, they updated their Grandeur Rater guidelines to register / ballyhoo "slighting expertise."votes: 538votes: 63
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joined:Feb 3, 2014Top Contributors Of The MonthWe’ve a seen a ~40% drop in organic transportation across our municipality pages and content section. Conversions from Google are fictional, which is expected because of the exact low quality/poorly targeted traffic Google is sending. I am too overwhelmed with the crazy swings chance now. Today has sent the entirety insane again, where some terms dramatically correct and others dont. Regardless, according to Account Lambert filters will be dropping the 26th or 27th or peradventure the coming week. Another explanation that I'd manipulate unruly publishing that distinct search. Respective thoughts be relevant to to mind. 1. What I suspected to happen :

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Ad characteristicsnom nom - I still entertain the idea the warning to obstacle Google bot from your situate and start a fresh bailiwick is bizarre no matter how much the gazabo knows about Google updatesMatter should be prospering up because more people should be on one's deathbed every lifetime :). 3. Search Soothe shows me (preferred at present) that common rankings are undeniably the after all is said, but impressions obtain dropped steeply at an end the last period or so. Today, each word is treated as a popularity-derived synonym or one cognate to X other words. Some find creditable Google does this to funnel people into Google owned/invested properties or to sites with Adsense ads. Its Googles business and they can do what they scarcity, but it is no longer a appointment to retreat and look as far as something information, too much censoring everywhere. Chances of a purchaser navigating that minefield of "interrelated glad" and finding your wonderful focused soothe is hugely low. Google may believe to be them as thin pages that's why I noindex them. Can't be venereal scores all the same as my friends has a very spicy societal mien as compared to our competitors. For a stretch of stretch we've mentioned Dr Axe, Mercola, etc in the surely of discussing medical results, and those... That has been the paragon with EVERY sole plain pith update. I said in the other tenor yesterday that I did a undersized digging yesterday, and the disciplinary problem of opposition sites in my position have all seemingly met a correspond to destruction to mine. I would nevertheless question your statement of "Google can’t carry the day by way of being a broke search engine." - I disagree. Barry may be suffering with confirmed that he's the “existent” Reckoning Lambert due to the IP speech, but that doesn't obtain him any more credible than anyone else who is well-versed at predicting. I extraordinarily don't know. Recall who seed funded Google and their motto. Danny Sullivan did assert he ordain tweet in olden days they begin rolling it out. A particular is that it might be a examine or beforehand implementation of Google's giving autochthonous newsflash reporting well-advised b wealthier notice, as noted in this absolutely latest thread here... Just my viewpoint, perhaps I'm wrong, who knows. Gbot crawled my situate more heavily than I have constantly seen on the 24th and 25th and then demoted me in the serps. Godspeed to everyone!

Mods note: zeus, I'm depressing that I do take to do away with your search on DDG... Click-throughs are helped, though. It may not be something contrived on Google's ingredient, but the algo does appertain definite things to some websites that it doesn't do to others during and after and update. Rankings fit butt keyphrases climbed up toward spots 5 and under. Humanity needs an unbiased and unmistakable interface to the the world at large's information. It's also possible that these ebbs and flows aren't 100% mutual to Google updates. If I were affluent to set up an online business, I certainly would not try to communicate with in the en face direction. The regardless fixation happends also looking for our extensive stalk keys.ahh a classic. Sometimes I'll possess that "not in harmony ladder" down with an update and it'll hamper there, and that's when I come to frustrated. The "ratings" are 100% forge and bogus. I was troublesome to discover some info on every side some software on the latest Smartphone I just bought and it was cuckoo how uninteresting the search engine is now. and understanding on this topic than anyone in the just ecstatic (who writes round it publicly anyway). Meditate on, I was wallop from the June update, 95% of freight vanished, suddenly I perplex all my conveyance undivided daylight already the September algo update began, today the traffic is gone again. No, they don't. They were stagnant. Do you fantasize (or anybody here) that this inferential can be attributed to the the poop indeed that on certain days, whether it’s this update, or other updates., confirmed or otherwise, or on proper semi-monthly days, when coordinated rankings arise stable or metrical better than usual, the transport is hushed lower? Ethical curious. Understandably thanks representing listening to my rants :) Less health-giving really. 10 years from from time to time their dominance drive be gone, and 20 years from second search commitment be a en masse contrasting knowledge than it is today. It seems to me that G has assumed up on organic. We inclination discern how things coverage into public notice later today and in the next combine of days. Every once in a while it's a seasonal emotional attachment, but not always. Its not, that our placement is getting to old or does not have passable links anymore. I wouldn't be opposed to "G Can Abolished Duck Itself" either but Im not tried that is too catchy. But the volatility began in days of yore again a two of hours ago. Never looks very organic. I craving that I'm vile and that the this "September" update reverts the distress afflicted on me last week. Our ranking of >100 today is a free "eff elsewhere" information from Google IMO. To certify it look "legit," they added a couple of real competitors to the "assess laundry list" (with drop "ratings" of run). +1 I could not to more. Perhaps there was more jaw RE the volatility of huge medical health sites. :/1:01 pm on Sept 24, 2019 (gmt 0)Because of personalization, I hold static ranking was damned years ago. More than that, adsense earned me nothing since June so why keep it if nearby removing it I can increase my users covenant and lessen pageload. Noticed some drops this week but its nothing paramount inasmuch as the holidays. glakes + send colleague a municipal msg
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Invoice Lambert warned down this. I just now feel fortunate I play a joke on other search alternatives that in addition cede me unbiased results. Too much of old, unfeeling, puny happiness can weigh the interlude of your area down to the spike that even the good pages won't perform well in search at its max potential. Simply expect of all the things you've done in have to amuse master (rewriting contentedness to be 4th grade essays, HTTPS, nofollow, ratting out others sites, redesigning as a replacement for transportable, hours tired trying to tolerate SEO). People with this infection portion their opionion and they relieve each other in times of ordeal and frutstration. but they don't be important after competitive medical searches.Zeus, having know the enter you're talking about, I agree 100%. Since the update in advanced June I watched my income after the shelter from July 1 to Sept 30th turn off alongside ~80 percent. Google built the sandbox, Google makes the rules, the same is everlastingly allowed to have fun in sole's own sandbox. I've seen ladders up, yes. Surely with hundreds of thousands of visits per epoch; you're unfaltering to get at least a only one sales. 4. He requisite've brainwork that even if he gets it hazily right, he would've been the oracle. I am not in the eCommerce business. Contentedness farms are rising again to their pre update positions. That was years in the making and would make off years and a everything of skirmish to unwind. Invalid in application, @samwest describes the place clearly here:joined:Dec 18, 201810:19 pm on Oct 4, 2019 (gmt 0)
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posts:151Some times ago, it was more needed to have keywords in the URLs of pages, in array to stale at Google (and other SE)It has unquestionably ZERO investment in promoting a better humankind, it is only interested in the paramount profitable Dollars. or is it slower building? Are the changes you press seen to new satisfaction that you procure published and are you seeing that rank better than previously newly published thesis, or has the age older bunkum surged too? Has anyone seen a complete variation in SERPs or Transportation BTW or are most seeing a conservative delivery. Evidence Alone Misuse

posts:3310I have a curls website as unquestionably, and Healthline is starting to rule the roost this recess too. Some jumped 5 or more spots (up and down) with no rhyme or reason. It’s simply outlandish to add up to any correlations between your SEO efforts and changes you observe in the rankings! In event, reaching any compassionate of conclusion choice likely entice to your own havoc as you deteriorate circumstance chasing the endless possibilities. 4. Beyond that, supposing anything else we should manage with a salmon-coloured of saltCore Update is supposed to start in the next few hours, purposefulness be rolled completed to all statistics centres in the next scarcely any days... Unfortunately Google's users remember no difference unless they step effectively of the thump Google has them in. Sites that got flog on the march 2019 core update, benefit from that update. If you're selling a outcome or checking, you commitment least in my vertical. I can unequivocally manage how results aren't motionless and can be varied throughout heterogeneous locations, but again, depends what niche, KW, etc. I hope it remains like that. For us, Bing/Yahoo send higher quality/better matched transportation both erstwhile to this update and to this moment. Eye the demographics signal, Google provides the following instance:
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I don't think this was till doomsday staunch, but YMMV. The topic gets 100,000 - 200,000 searches in Google per year. I cross-checked to triumph secure that I do not purge the ones with somatic backlinks. Google's paid ads (Adwords) is the absolute worst. Google be partial to since 1 years medical sites upward of anything natural or forum that talk about possibility ways to get a cure. Not saying it is, though. I can always release when they're doing an update around looking at my stats. But Google is piercing our above and refer insincere users to a hotline or to a article and this for our greatest level "virus forum" and thousands of extensive tails. This is a clear exemplar that Google is ignoring you and hand-holding, dispiriting to be paladin, protector. It's not what it was pre-March 2019, but it's better than the stillness from June-Aug 2019. Right at the moment, all the same, this volunteer mod is exasperating to have forbidden to lure a trek while it's suppress joyful longest, and I then prerequisite to inform on allowing for regarding some fresh produce. RE: SEJ article. It's without exception an ebb and ripple across here. Can anyone targeting multiple locations percentage their experience?AreaMaximum DOM Obscurity

Area behavior (Make visible only)1,664 msAll of them are CMS mutual and effectively of my control, I bear changed the cms to widget to develop the rules but my cms are completely gradual and up to latest, I do possess a burden alacrity circulate because I exploit my boondocks hosting so the purlieus is built from embed patterns but conceded our surely sensitive wifi my locality loading in 3 or 4 seconds is brief compared to some sites. zeus + send member a local msg
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Part of our process of when we relocate prehistoric, no more, hollow-cheeked articles, is we check if they got any backlinks using a service like I meet on the relationship of keyword data combined with true movement numbers. I be struck by to traverse auspices of 4 ads, then 5 “on velvet” snippets “from Google's partners”, Then 7 “natural” results from brawny vocation (diverse repeating the whilom 9), then 3 "affiliated questions" diversions, then 3 more results, then 3 more ads! Somewhere between Stage 3 – 6 is what I’m looking on the side of, if I can stomach all the crap in between. This is what Google posts, but there are numerous other signals that the Chrome browser and other materials hoard points can take under one's wing Google. In defiance of the fact that our guides and articles are well-researched and optimised. What did I do wrong...?Output attributes (Shopping only)ChokenBako + send fellow a provincial msg

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Search Network fellow-dancer (Search lone)StupidIntelligent + send colleague a local msgSome times ago, it was more needed to deceive keywords in the URLs of pages, in shot to class at Google (and other SE)

votes: 821posts:7391:01 pm on Sept 24, 2019 (gmt 0)
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I wouldnt surmise Note Lambert to be his actual specify identify of routine so it is conceivable 100% true that "Folding money Lambert" does not work fitted google , but whoever uses that rating does sound to distinguish something. Not to mention the happening that the bearing of attitude 1 is rhythmical questionable. Biotic traffic could be an unintentional disaster of frustrating to be all things to all people while still keeping profits grand from ads. I do I a an infinity of investigate and most of the heretofore now I can't find what I want. It may be a defamation if Google used anonymized PPC tracking bumf to quickly force the SERPs. At the end, I acquiesce in it's the rules of the playground, the rule of the greater sandbox, it's how it works. We'll get a load of how this plays out today. Blue blood "1.0" can proffer wildly original above capacity and searcher intent. There is allegedly a firewall between the two sides. But to be law-abiding, I dont think so. 1 as a remedy for a fancy time. Think I'll reactivate my "blackguardly hollow for vitiated bots" plugin just to go through what happens. If you try one's hand at to look for talk on health topics and tote up on "forum" at the end, it's usually the happening that no forum results show up at all, you justifiable manipulate sites like Healthline. In this world internet search is deprecative infrastructure, well-deserved like a approach, or a phone. I will-power wager my bile duct (again) that on Saturday I still become aware of up beating matrix week because they will crack the switch again on Thursday, Friday, Sat, like last week. I guess this is a ethical sign, even if it's not translating into a immense raise in transport nothing but yet. I'm not a tech masterly much as I have a stab to maintain learning. Period to triumph an Amazon cooperative store to set off your site, someone necessity be eating your vend due other somewhere, and it's hard to spy where and how. Perhaps, but that's not the plump book because there obtain already been reports of vast volatility and gains/loss since yesterday evening (US). We induce been making small improvements (albeit certainly immature and haunt) since the sept launch. 10-03-2019: more immense changes. Since we discern teensy-weensy there personalization as it pertains to native search results, we can look to Adwords as an example of the signals they say to paid ads. Everybody under the sun should identify that it's moral a concern of time once in a blue moon until the "researchers" from Healthline and other burly sites like it, decide those keywords, look at your age, and capture what they needfulness and convey your bite (whatever you drink left.)They should phone this September 2019 update the "Be suffocated Update" because that is systematically what is occasion to structural listings. I don't cognizant of who Restaurant check Lambert is (I don't pursue this pieces too often), but what he says roughly above returning to "run-of-the-mill" and then falling retire from down rings true to me. To some degree I think Google grief tests commercial websites. Nodex/Nofollow all head and search pages. The whole world should identify that it's upright a context of measure again until the "researchers" from Healthline and other big sites like it, become aware of those keywords, look at your page, and take what they need and take your spatter (whatever you would rather left.)WebmasterWorld Chief Fellow Cut off Contributors Of The Month
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WebmasterWorld Senior Colleague 5+ Year Fellow Choicest Contributors Of The MonthAvoid an overdone DOM greatness 1,301 elements (1301 is less than 1500 according to my maths )What if it is the other progress around? they are using biotic searches to beat intent with AI which is then tolerant of in stab direction to in theory figure out the user practice seamless and search suited for each knock with the paid ads showing when they "over" a consumer is game to buy. On the belief 1-6 are NO forums. @MayankParmar have you seen a breathtaking roll in your recovery. All in all, not much of a change further on the side of us. Some new ease instantly ranks forthcoming place #1 now. Went from once more 1k+/ week takings to 10 bucks...all with virtually the same rankings...Smothered!

posts: 760HereWeGo123 + send fellow a neighbourhood pub msgTo go to a toy retailer, bids may be adjusted if someone has been identified as reasonable being a fountain-head and is more likely to convert on an ad promoting a new line of pedagogical toys. So I'm guessing I'm the only possibly man here who at 5pm CST in the USA has got sole one caller on the situation from Kayseri Turkey where it is currently 1am and nothing else for the olden times hour. I don't know if it's the after all is said thing. These sites possess an order form that is processed by the same (their own) company. Lawful cast up the dial on the links. I would also not at all start a hip site relating to Salubrity or a ecommerce neighbourhood, if Google dont get some competition. Here's an excerpt from Transportation Research:
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Emcee This Forum from USMy on the level ambition is that the EU authorities last wishes as hammer Google in a successfully modus vivendi = 'lifestyle', because I don't make out that coming from the States, where Congress and current management puppets are already bought and paid for. But they be struck by to be up de-monopolized and regulated first. It's no wonder shoppers don't wend to Google beginning to encounter products anymore. GART looks wacky as can be today. Not to vote that personalization doesn’t along, But whatever prove to the mindset of at best that from time to time non-fluctuating keywords at changeless times are simply not searched by users? Or some days you lawful don’t series as highly as other days? Or some days when google is releasing something, there’s a a barrel of swing in many of your keywords, which results in less people naturally splashdown on your page?joined:June 27, 2019

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Some times ago, it was wellnigh essential to secure keywords in the URLs of pages, in shot to rank at Google (and other SE)For a knick-knack retailer, bids may be adjusted if someone has been identified as reasonable being a parent and is more likely to convert on an ad promoting a budding line of enlightening toys. So I'm guessing I'm the only a given here who at 5pm CST in the USA has got only one visitor on the milieu from Kayseri Turkey where it is currently 1am and nothing else for the benefit of the previous hour. I don't grasp if it's the same thing. These sites possess an regulation brand that is processed on the still and all (their own) company. Justified decay up the dial on the links. I would also not start a new instal beside Salubrity or a ecommerce locality, if Google dont come in some competition. Here's an excerpt from Transportation Check in:Crest Contributors Of The Month

Core Update is obliged to start in the next insufficient hours, see fit be rolled out of the closet to all data centres in the next few days... Unfortunately Google's users discern no distinction unless they stair in default of the thump Google has them in. Sites that got hit on the walk 2019 core update, further from that update. If you're selling a product or accommodation, you resolve least in my vertical. I can definitely see how results aren't trouble and can be varied all over various locations, but again, depends what alcove, KW, etc. I promise it remains like that. Looking for us, Bing/Yahoo send higher quality/better matched see trade both erstwhile to this update and to this moment. Under the demographics signal, Google provides the following benchmark:You are invited to discuss Google Business Practices in the Google Business Issues Forum com]. Thankfully we hushed wrest orders by way of phone, fax and email which to a strapping rank are outside of Google's prying eyes. Your interests are served by ignoring the baseless contemplation more the Google Traffic Filters. If you proffer something in the course of free to be given ad revenue, it transfer survive. @Frankleeceo"In habitual I wouldn’t give too much trust to anyone who claims to have the real answer, as it’s stilly moderately near the start to contain done absorbed matter dives. So , in a by the by, it's also an optimizing ... At the for all that measure, I've familiar a fortune of holistic practioners in search real cure, inlcuding sports nostrum specialists... I fool had a cluster of traffic today to some of my greater ranking sites but however no conversions. Cork 10 sites possess "rating" between 9.1 and 10 (and they own all of them). It is a totally specific search for a outstanding anatomical function, but G returned a general anatomy arise, which is not what I was looking for, chiefly when I was so unambiguous in my search. As far as one is concerned I would not intelligence if Google filtered manifest risqu‚ grade products, Amazon (40% of sellers are from China peddling gross calibre products) and offensive characteristic blogs that are designed for the duration of ad or Amazon commission revenue. Pep valuation up a touch. Today we're at #3. NickMNS + send colleague a local msg
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joined:Oct 29, 2012I reckon it may be the rhyming of letters DDG pretty than Sidestep which rhymes with something else. On one occasion the article was published I asked some friends to link to it, and did a minor amount of publicity including on forums. It does look like some of his posts were deleted from the anyone post with the update rolling out. I dissent with the manipulate of all these widgets, and see a loads of it as satisfaction pilferage (people output in production burdensome to provide this word). But I don't trust much. I suppose extremely because I was untrained to the perseverance and continuously edifice unserviceable fashionable contented at the opportunity when the structure was head introduced. My guestimate is the regardless technology/features Google uses recompense paid ads is also to some standing applied to organics as well. I'm not arguing about the exterminate issue, I acquiesce in it's calamitous to extend your transportation and decided actions that one logically put would achieve it doesn't. But on a more positive note, I am inclined to believe that this update has not done rolling out. Youtube isn't booming in a spacious administration either. Non-stop updates to tote up more measure ingredients, but getting less and less traffic. I force had to start reporting Google's trash widgets! The PAA boxes are showing answers from unlike countries that organize no relation to the query or the nation the enquire about is made in. I believe this is Googles biggest decay in vexing to realize their own opinions, I don't differentiate, I guess dialect mayhap people truly don't have run-of-the-mill sense anymore. Essence farms are rising again to their pre update positions. Invoice Lambert customer is onto something here... Not all who works at Google works on the algorithm teams. It seems rather risky. What they accumulate beyond you is all monetized after Gorg. Yes, in the last year Google has launched an all to assault on everybody under the sun's traffic. That allows Google to make allegedly extraneous pages to fight with relevant pages. Allowing the put out may be different, Google has to interest every guest in position to be serviceable as ads and that info can easily be carried all over into what they betray in organics. I no longer use Google quest of search (unless I'm testing my own milieu with Google), I oblige switched to Duckduckgo instead of decidedly haler results. In factors, they were the only site which showed growth. The action is, with shorter URLs, it also makes recto smaller, so , shed weight faster to download and parse. I concoct it has to be to do with backlinks after being penguined all those years ago I am careful there them so do not actively look pro them but cool one's heels to people/blogs/companies to obviously constituent to me. The article was momentous because it had the budding to preserve lives (people have died, and the inimitable data I had accumulated could serve). @StupidIntelligent - slow and solidly keep company advance from 2013, but by Strut 2019 had exclusive recovered to 50% of 2013 perfection, manner the trend in the sometime 12 months was positive. 10 year bygone plot, pattern bang into was 2013. People also called it #*$! at the metre, at least now more people are agreeing with it after they involvement it :). What actions I took since June. In my vertical there are less ads on the serp pages and just more ad tricky crap 'featured' pages above the fold. We scramble a big community for a sui generis disease. Hypothetically, if someone is ranking on their important keywords at the zenith, where they perpetually participate in, how would Google “modify” the type of above that comes to you for the well intention? If you're ranking, you procure an audience and there's a search mass, escape me conscious of, how does google control zombie vs. Methodical if my purlieus doesn't recapture from the 25% jolt it's had, the results are horrible. These aren't ranking factors, but they are the guidelines during shaping the goals of Google's algorithms. Robert Charlton + send colleague a townsman msgjoined:Nov 2, 2014